Is a network for the best teeworlds community projects.
All projects are independent and developed by different people. Everyone is free in what and how they develop but teesites connects them all.
What you will get being part of teesites network
Get a subdomain for your awesome project like *
With the subdomain you are part of the great teesites network!
Get a mail address with for administration purposes and support.
Use it for administrating your project or for what ever you want to use it.
(Coming Soon)
Get linked in the main teesites website.
Your project is part of this website and visible for everyone!
You can call it free advertising.
Teesites Sub Projects


Teerace is a project gathering results from a network of trusted Teeworlds Race-mod servers. The idea behind it is to create a global ranking/stats system covering as wide span of results as we manage to obtain.


upTee aims to make the administration simple and fully configurable. It is designed to manage all kind of mods without the problem of missing something. +Also it shows the current status of each server hosted with upTee.

Your project ...

  • Nice and simple design
  • Community project with future
  • All about teeworlds
  • Competent team for administration and support
  • Nice logo and description of the project
  • Some way for us to stay in contact
You've read everything?
If you read everything and wanna be part of the teesites network please feel free to contact us via mail or in the official teeworlds forum. We are going to work on your application as fast as possible.